The Short Cut: Forest Service Seeks Public Input Regarding E-Bikes

by | Oct 22, 2020

The Forest Service is proposing changes to directives guiding management of electric bicycles (e-bikes) on our forests, and specifically, our trails. Most importantly, they want ‘to establish promotion of e-bike use on NFS lands as an objective’ (thus becoming the only class of motor vehicle to enjoy a system-wide objective dedicated entirely to its consideration) and add e-bikes as a new classification of motor vehicle in order to allow them access to trails that are currently open to traditional bicycles but closed to motor vehicles.

Please watch this 2.5 minute video, and consider whether these vehicles are appropriate for non-motorized trails alongside hikers, horseback riders, and traditional mountain bikers.

Need more info? Check out this deep-dive including specific concerns and issues. 

Commenting on this issue closes MONDAY, OCTOBER 26. A summarized description of the proposed changes is available on the Federal Register, and a link to the full documentation and comment form is at this Forest Service page.

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