Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area

Spur Cross Ranch is the newest and only designated conservation area in the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation system. Despite its small size, the variety of habitat is host to a myriad wildlife, with expansive recreation opportunities that will make you forget this unit is only 2,154 acres!

Cave Creek Regional Park

What it lacks in acreage (and the creek for which it is named), Cave Creek Regional Park north of Phoenix more than makes up in recreational opportunities, from guided horseback rides to archery lessons, hiking to stargazing (telescope included)!

Lake Pleasant Regional Park

The only water-based park administered by Maricopa County is also its most popular – at Lake Pleasant Regional Park northwest of Phoenix, you can fish, water ski, even scuba dive in addition to hiking, camping, and stargazing in the park’s almost 25,000 acres!

Herngt ‘Aki’ Preserve

Herngt ‘Aki,’ which means ‘Rattlesnake House,’ is an expansive 341 acres of hilly grassland goodness in Live Oak Canyon between Redlands and Calimesa in the East Valley of San Bernardino County.

San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary

Tucked between the its namesake creek and the hills of south Redlands, the 200-acre San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary offers open space and trails for humans and reliable water for local and migratory wildlife.

Cole Canyon Natural Park

By far the largest park in the City of Murrieta, the rustic 165-acre Cole Canyon Natural Park offers wide open space, access to Murrieta Creek, and trails with fantastic views of the Temecula Valley.