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Atlas – Guthook Guides

The #1 App for Long-Distance Hikes


 ‘At Atlas Guides we inspire people to confidently navigate the outdoors, and we work to build a supportive community that also cherishes our world’s natural and cultural spaces.’

Fast Facts

LOCATION: Flagstaff, AZ & Portland, ME



Fast Five Q & A

What is the primary function of your business?  
Creating map-based, smartphone navigational guides for the most popular hiking trails in the world.

How much of your revenue do you estimate to be related to public lands?   95%

What are the primary activities your customers do on public lands?
Hiking, backpacking, exploring the wilderness!

Why Flagstaff & Portland?   
-Alice & Paul live in Flagstaff in order to be in the mountains, close to some amazing public lands, and in a small but thriving city with a great entrepreneurial community and a lot of energy radiating from the university.

-Ryan chooses to work from Portland because he is a life-long Mainer, and loves the mix of small city and nearby wilderness, not to mention a really wonderful community.

What are some of your favorite spots on public lands nearby?
-Paul & Alice / Flagstaff, AZ: Not exactly nearby, but our favorite place on earth is the High Sierra. Closer to home, the Coconino National Forest is fabulous.

-Ryan / Portland, ME: The Bigelow Preserve, the Mahoosuc Range, and Tumbledown in Maine are the best. Of course, the White Mountains are my playground with endless opportunities to explore.

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Explore the coconino national forest!

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Lake Pleasant Regional Park

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Red Rock – Secret Mountain Wilderness

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