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Name / Trail Name: Michelle Markel / SuperClassy

What’s your primary¬†activity on public lands? Long-distance hiking

What do you do when you’re not hiking? I live on the cheap in a van, mainly on public lands, and advocate for public lands via this website.

Why are public lands special to you? I love the freedom, beauty, and solitude of public lands, and that they’re open and available to anyone. Time in the outdoors and nature is so important, and the large majority of us don’t have our own private wild spaces to explore and enjoy.

When did you first learn about public lands? The first time I remember visiting public lands was a trip to Joshua Tree National Park as a Girl Scout in elementary school. I didn’t know or understand the concept of public lands then, but the excursion itself was so memorable. It planted the seed that grew into the great love of the outdoors I have now.

Any other favorite spots you recommend? So many! But the Cascades in Washington, the Sierra Nevada in California, and Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree all come immediately to mind.