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Name / Trail Name: Michael Tilton / RITS or The Graduate

What’s your primary activity on public lands? Backpacking

What do you do when you’re not backpacking? Work in IT, plan/participate in outdoor trips.

Why is the PCT special to you? The PCT is special for many reasons.  I did the JMT when I was 19, but that is basically the PCT…it was my first foray into long-distance backpacking and the PCT was my first of the American Scenic Trails, so it will always be special.  More than that, the PCT represents the American West, past, present and future….growing up in Missouri, it always held a strong pull for me, so to finally experience it was the culmination of lots of childhood/adult goals.

When did you first learn about the PCT? Doing the JMT 16 years ago.

Any other favorite spots you recommend? On the PCT, Rae Lakes – just an unbelievable spot that sums up the wonder of the Sierra for me.  Outside of that, I love the Colorado Trail, specifically the Collegiate West section of the trail. Great opportunity to see piles of mountains in a beautiful environment, with all the things being 12,000 feet above sea level for extended periods of time can bring you.