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I met Mandy, aka ‘Purple Rain,’ at PCT Days in August 2017, where she had a booth for the weekend. Her adventure skirts have become one of the most popular alternatives to hiking pants or shorts, and they are a favorite among long-distance hikers, both women AND men! This woman is a dynamo: despite fulfilling the high demand for her skirts, which she designs and sews, going on her own adventures with her family, and traveling to promote her business, she still manages to hold this fort down by herself! I still don’t know where she found the time to answer the following questions, but I’m glad she did. Although I haven’t tried her skirts out yet for myself, they come HIGHLY-recommended by many hikers I know and whose opinions on gear I greatly respect. If I ever give up the dress, I’m definitely gonna go Purple Rain!

What is the primary function of this business? To provide women with performance apparel that inspires the freedom of adventure without compromising style or function.

How much of your revenue do you estimate to be related to public lands? 75%

What are the primary activities your clients or customers do on public lands? Hiking and backpacking

Why Medford? Access! Medford has a great location for rivers, mountains, ocean, and the desert. The sun shines more here than in the northern parts of the state.  It’s where we’ve chosen to start our family….and it’s refreshing to live somewhere that’s not über-hip.  

What are some of your favorite spots on public lands nearbyThe Trinity Alps are quickly becoming my favorite wilderness area. Crater Lake is a short drive and never disappoints.  Nothing beats the Wild and Scenic sections of the Rogue, Smith, Chetco, and Illinois rivers, especially for swimming in the summertime!  The PCT is right in our backyard too.  We’ve started taking our son with us for trail magic, meeting hikers on trail in the middle of nowhere with homemade goodies and fresh fruit, it’s a lot of fun!