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I happened into Pine Needle Mountaineering while wandering around downtown Durango in May 2017. This is a great independent, locally-owned gear shop, and the staff was all incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The store even produces its own adventure magazine, Basecamp. Even though I showed up completely unannounced and randomly, both Drew (Sales) and Steve (Marketing / PR) were generous enough to chat with me a little bit about both the business, and some great spots and recreation opportunities on local public lands. Thanks guys!

What is the primary function of this business? Retail

How much of your revenue do you estimate to be related to public lands? 90%

What are the primary activities your clients or customers do on public lands? Train sightseeing, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, hiking, climbing, some whitewater rafting

Why Durango? Close access to hiking and mountain bike trails. Also, it’s at one of the ends of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

What are some of your favorite spots on public lands nearby? STEVE: the Bisti Badlands south of Farmington (NM), the Weminuche Wilderness, Bears Ears National Monument, Southern Utah; DREW: Bear Creek Trail from Silverton, the La Plata mountains, the Indian Trail Ridge portion of the Colorado Trail.