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Help Support the Public Lands Project!

There are a variety of ways to participate in and support the Public Lands Project, and I’m super grateful for any help. At present, this project is primarily self-funded. I’m selling personal items and using my tax return to pay for the majority of costs. Gear & vehicle repairs have been major expenses upfront.

Freya needed some Love!
Freya needed some Love!

Depending on who you ask, the monthly cost for a long thru-hike varies. Popular estimates are $1/mile or $1,000/month. I spent more during the six months I hiked the PCT in 2015. However, having since lived on $10/day or less during my time in South America, minimal lodging expenses, and learning some new tricks on keeping costs lower on-trail (Pro Tip: Keep town stops short!), I hope to keep my expenses at or around $1,000/month. With no set income while I’m on the road & trail, though, that’s a load of money over the course of a year!

Primary Expenses:

  • Gas
  • Food
  • Phone Service
  • Site Entry Fees
  • Gear Replacement
  • Vehicle Repairs

Sponsorships Welcome!

I think I can get another 100 out of 'em...
I think I can get another 100 out of 'em...

You can help!

An easy way is by making a direct donation. Since I’m not really one to ask for free money, I’ll send a random surprise to anyone making a donation of at least $5. The bigger the donation, the bigger or more frequent the surprise!

Baden Powell

“This project sounds awesome, and I’d love to help, but I’m broke… Sooo, do you need anything besides money?”


I’m crowdsourcing a substantial amount of the trip and would love hear from you:

  • Is there a special site on public lands I need to visit? Those with active or potential land, water, or human rights issues are especially desirable.
  • Are you member of a non-governmental partner association supporting a public lands site?
  • Do you have connections with any media outlets that may be interested in covering this project?

Get in Touch!

Finally, simply following this project here and via social media and sharing it with your friends and family is a fantastic way to support the mission of the Public Lands Project, which is to showcase the beauty and versatility of our public spaces, and the variety of people using them to as wide an audience as possible, so that more of us will take advantage of this great democratic asset available to us, and advocate for their preservation and security. Thank you for your support of #PLP2017!