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Warwoman Wildlife Management Area

Warwoman WMA is one of 133 Wildlife Management Areas in Georgia. It encompasses 15,800 acres near Clayton in northeastern Georgia is administered by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.  

The ecosystem of this area is primarily hardwood forest. There are several creeks within the WMA, and trout fishing is popular here. It’s home to many types of wildlife, including: black bear, wild turkeys, and deer, all of which are hunted during their designated seasons, by bow or firearm. It is also home to a wide variety of bird species.   

Recreational opportunities include hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, day use, equestrian, and wildlife-watching. There are over 35 miles of trail, including a section of the Bartram Trail which extends from Georgia to North Carolina. Hunting of one type or another is permitted almost year-round; check the schedule in the link below and wear hunter orange when indicated – Safety First!  

Access to the WMA is free; fishing and hunting require a license. There is one established campground within the WMA, but dispersed camping is permitted most anywhere. There were free printed site maps at the check-in station. I found this site via April 2017.

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