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South Nopah Range Wilderness Area

South Nopah Range Wilderness Area encompasses 17,059 acres in eastern Inyo County, California. It is bordered to the north by the Nopah Range Wilderness, and is close to Death Valley National Park to its northwest. It was established in 1994 and is administered by the BLM.  

This area is desert, with elevations topping out at around 4200′. Bring your own water, and plenty of it, as water is scarce here, and temperatures can get crazy. This is a destination best suited for the cool seasons. You may see bighorn sheep here, and possibly wild horses and burros in the hills. Vegetation is sparse, and typical of the lower Mojave.  

I overnighted here in between my time in Death Valley NP and my visit to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. I arrived in the middle of a crazy sandstorm, so was unable to see much of the area, but the views on the way out the next morning were relatively clear, and it is a beautiful desert spot, close to both Vegas and Death Valley.

Access to this BLM-managed site is free, and there are no restrictions on camping although vehicles must remain on established roads bordering this designated wilderness area. There are no services or amenities: pack it in, and pack it out! Interestingly, although I was unable to get phone reception in the closest town of Tecopa Hot Springs and service in Shoshone was unreliable, I had at least 2-3 dots of LTE where I stayed on the southwest edge.

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