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Point Mugu State Park

**As of November 13, 2018, Point Mugu State Park is closed indefinitely due to the Woolsey Fire. Please refer to the park’s official California State Parks page for further information regarding the closure of this site, and several nearby state beaches.**

Point Mugu State Park encompasses approximately 14,000 acres primarily in the Santa Monica Mountains north of Malibu, California, and also includes several miles of coastline. It is administered by the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  

The park features three distinctive zones: the Pacific coast, canyon and valley areas with old-growth oak and sycamores, and the rugged hills of the Boney Mountains State WIlderness Area. Natural freshwater sources are seasonal, and typically dry, although there is water available at spigots in various locations. Flora varies widely from the Pacific Pea to Trailing Blackberry, and spring wildflowers in a good rain year are spectacular. The park is also home to such animal species as Harbor Seals, Mule Deer, California King Snakes, and American Kestrel. 

The western terminus of the Backbone National Recreation Trail is at the Ray Miller trailhead in Point Mugu State Park, which was the occasion for my visit.

There is no charge for parking at the trailhead, although the gates there are closed nightly. There is also free parking available on Pacific Coast Highway just outside of the entrance if you don’t want to be stuck inside. No permits are required for hiking. There are multiple camp facilities in the park, from Thornhill Broome on the beach (fee) to primitive walk-in camping at Danielson Ranch, although regulations regarding camping at the latter are currently ambiguous. 

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