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Day 0: South Hills Preserve

Road Miles: 0

Total: 0

Trail Miles: 7

Total: 7

Sites: South Hills Preserve, Loma Linda, CA

Locals: RaggedyCrow

Went for a 7+ mile pre-trip dayhike with RaggedyCrow┬áin the South Hills Preserve in Loma Linda, California. It was a beautiful blue-skied┬ásunny reprieve of a day between winter storms which had left the hills neon green with new growth. Clear skies allowed for amazing views of the snow-capped San Gabriels, San Bernardinos, and San Jacintos all around. There was significant trail erosion in some areas as a result of flooding, but nothing was impassable. This was my first visit to this sweet spot that makes you feel as if you’ve escaped urban Southern California when you’re in one of the many canyons, or above it all when you’re on the hilltops looking down at the sprawl that fills southland valleys. Thanks to the citizens of Loma Linda for voting to make this a preserved open space!