Inspiring public lands advocacy by providing information and education designed to encourage and facilitate outdoor recreation and activity.


1. Increased responsible recreational usage of our public lands;

2. Increased awareness of the outdoor recreation economy and livelihoods contingent upon open access to our public lands;

3. Increased advocacy when threats are posed to the conservation or recreational qualities of our public lands or our ability to access them.


Support Public Lands began in 2017 as the ‘Public Lands Project,’ when long-distance hiker Michelle Markel abandoned plans to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail to instead visit several National Monuments in our western states that had been targeted for possible reduction, redesignation, or elimination entirely.

The first version of this site launched later that year, and grew to include nearly 100 pages of content documenting a wide array of public lands units in a dozen states, the people who enjoy them, and businesses that rely upon our ongoing ability to access them.

This current version is an ambitious extension of the first, and has been entirely redesigned to improve usability, usefulness, and relevance. Future plans include the addition of unique merchandise created by artists and makers who also love and enjoy spending time on OUR public lands, and a membership area in which outdoor recreation enthusiasts and activists can connect, share, and commune.

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.. by inviting people into the outdoors recreation community.



.. by providing information and resources to help people adventure outdoors with confidence.



.. by sharing the people and businesses that rely on recreational public lands access.



.. by highlighting the issues and threats to our public lands and opportunities to ensure access.



Oh, heyyy! Yep… this remains a solo venture at present. From the research to photography, copywriting to editing, social media to web design, build, and maintenance, it’s still just me, working endless hours for no pay, because I am that passionate about public lands. Hopefully, you will one day see more of an actual team here, but in the meantime, I appreciate your patience as I grow my most favorite money pit into a sweet home on the web that OUR public lands deserve!

Michelle 'SuperClassy' Markel


I fell in love with OUR public lands over the course of hiking +8K mostly solo, mostly long-distance trail miles, and I fall deeper in love every day. When I’m not ganking power & WiFi off family & friends to work on this site, I can typically be found on a trail, or boondocking somewhere on OUR +850 million acres of public lands.

You can follow my explorations on YouTube (PSA: *salty!*) and on Instagram.

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